Move to Marbella with a Golden Visa

One of the most alluring ways to get Spanish residency is through a Golden Visa. It is a form of residency permit whose objective is to entice foreign investment by offering a number of benefits to those prepared to transfer their financial resources to Spain.

An investor who is willing to invest and meets the necessary criteria can obtain a Golden Visa.

Therefore, a foreign investor who wishes to acquire Spanish residency and, as a result, the opportunity to travel freely within the Schengen region, may do so by making real estate investments totaling at least 500,000 euros (excluding mortgage, or of a net price of at least 500,000 euros after deducting mortgage financing).

The Golden Visa has the particularly desirable feature of not requiring the holder to live in Spain; instead, it merely needs them to visit at least once each year. Consequently, this is a perfect choice if the holder of a Golden Visa does not want to change their place of residency but wants to be able to travel freely within the Schengen region for extended periods of time without relying on tourist visas.

On the other hand, if your goal is to live in Spain, a golden visa could be useful because the holder of the visa can also apply for the residency of his or her nearest relatives.

Why are people choosing Marbella?

Due to the minimum entry investment of 500,000€, the new homes and modern luxury villas in Marbella are particularly desirable. The local area offers a peaceful setting, with lots to do. Not to mention one of the best year-round climates in Europe. There are a number of international schools and a great mix of foreigners have already moved here.

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