Digital Nomads are Moving to Marbella

The long-awaited Spanish visa for digital nomads is now available. Spain is already a popular location for remote workers, with some of the highest internet connection speeds in the EU, a lower cost of living, and plenty of good weather. The work / life balance is much more enjoyable due to the better climate allowing you to enjoy outside activities such as golf, scuba diving, tennis, walks or just enjoying the beachfront restaurants in a t-shirt.

One of the most popular locations for these new digital nomads is Marbella on the Costa del Sol. True to its name, the coast enjoys one of the best climates in Europe and already has a large English speaking ex-pat community.

At Marbellapads we have already helped a number of individuals and family’s move to this location under the new legislation. We are experts in helping people find their new homes in the sun, having been operating here now for over 13 years. Please use the search bar at the top of our site to start your search or alternatively use our property finding service and let us do the searching for you.

Non-EU nationals have the opportunity to reside and work in Spain for a maximum of five years with the remote work visa.
Non-EU nationals who work remotely for non-Spanish businesses are eligible for Spain's digital nomad visa.
The maximum percentage of applicants' income that comes from Spanish companies is 20%.

The visa is open to both remote employees working by a single organization outside of Spain and self-employed freelancers.

The income criteria for the Digital Nomad Visa is established at 200 percent of the local minimum wage, and it can be demonstrated through bank records, contracts, and invoices. Currently, this equates to €2,334 per month or €28,000 per year, but as the nation is revising its minimum wage, it is likely to increase significantly.

Additionally required is health insurance.

A clean criminal record in Spain and the nation in which they have lived for the five years prior to applying is a requirement for applicants.

Spanish visas for digital nomads are initially valid for 12 months or, if less than 12 months, for the duration of the employment period. They are renewable for a maximum of five years.

A residency card, which allows residents of Spain to travel throughout the EU, is also available to remote workers.

With confirmation of sufficient funds, close relatives, such as children and spouses, are permitted to accompany the visa holder inside the nation. Family units of two individuals, including the visa holder, are required to earn an additional 75% of the nation's minimum monthly wage (€875/month); an additional 25% (€292) is added for each additional family member.

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